Re: [Geary] Call for testing: 0.13


so finally I get around to do at least some testing. :) Unfortunately, master fails to compile for me. I am sure it is some problem on my end, but maybe you can take a look? I pasted the output of meson build and ninja -C build here:

On 08.02.19 04:48, Michael Gratton wrote:
Hey all,

So after a way too long a wait, I'm going to get 0.13 released in about a week's time. A lot of stuff has changed since 0.12, so it would be good to get some testing done, especially for both a) people that want to use GNOME Online Accounts (recommended for GMail and accounts since it supports their proprietary authentication scheme), but also for people who aren't running GNOME and hence don't have GNOME Online Accounts installed.

If you are willing to do some bug reporting and getting stack traces in testing it out, please build and run Geary from master branch from GitLab[0], or by using a current pre-built Flatpak package[1]. If you do run into a bug, please follow the bug reporting guidelines[0] for getting a stack trace and report the issue in GitLab.


[0] - <>
[1] - <>
[2] - <>

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