[Geary] Geary marking new replies to a thread as read


Forgive me if I am incorrect about this and something else is to blame for it.

I'm having a problem with unread emails being marked as read when they are in an existing thread.

It happens when I have Geary open, possibly only when in the foreground or maybe any time, and I have a message thread selected and then the main window is showing collapsed versions of all the messages in the thread. If a new message comes in which belongs in that thread, it will be marked read immediately.

This has caused me to miss messages from people and is interfering with the proper functioning of email.

Geary should not mark the message as read until I click on the message itself, or at least scroll the window ... simply having the message appear at the bottom of the thread does not mean I have read it.

This just happened -- I was watching the F1 race and Geary was running as the foreground app on my computer, but the the computer screen was locked and I was not in front of it. I checked messages on my iPhone, this message had not loaded yet, but when it did wake up to retrieve the message, it appeared as already 'read'. The email server is IMAP of course.

Let me know if you need further description, but I've probably overdone it already. Thanks.

--- Geary 0.12.2 on Fedora 28 from system packages, using fairly standard Gnome.

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