Re: [Geary] Fwd: Can’t type in body area

I see now. I did not read Casey's email carefully.
If I click a mailto: link *within Geary* (such as yours below), I reproduce the bug. But if I click on a mailto: link elsewhere (e.g. a browser), it works fine.

Does it happen the same to you?

Il giorno mer 3 gen 2018 alle 20:21, Kacper Bielecki <kazjote gmail com> ha scritto:

I can reproducing it with master: master~g802c6b90

I install it simply from sources. I use gmail account.

Additionally, after clicking on mailto:xyz domain com I can't type in body area of composer for all new messages (even when I create a new message using "new message" button in top left corner of Geary window). However, replying to already existing messages works fine.

This can be fixed by restarting Geary.


Am Mi, 3. Jan, 2018 um 5:22 P. M. schrieb Federico Bruni <fede inventati org>:
You may want to try master and see if it works:

Defaukt installation prefix is /usr/local, so it won't conflict with your package installation.
You may even not install it and just run the binary: ./build/geary

Il giorno mer 3 gen 2018 alle 17:00, Casey Stone <tcstone caseystone com> ha scritto:
I have two accounts at my domain setup plus my iCloud account (which of course cannot send mail due to frustrating incompatibility between Geary and iCloud smtp).

I run Geary from standard Fedora 27 packages.


On Jan 3, 2018, at 2:51 PM, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> wrote:

 I cannot reproduce it even with two accounts. master~g802c6b90

Casey, which version of Geary are you running? And how did you install it, distro repository or flatpak or else?

Il giorno mer 3 gen 2018 alle 15:39, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> ha scritto:
 Hi Casey
 I experienced the same bug a couple of weeks ago, see:
 However, I cannot reproduce it right now.
I wonder if it's because I've removed an account and I have only one now. Do you have one or more account set up in Geary?
 I'll try again with two accounts.
Il giorno mer 3 gen 2018 alle 14:59, Casey Stone <tcstone caseystone com> ha scritto:
It happened again. I'm not using that Paper theme any more. It is happening repeatedly when I click on a mailto:xyz domain com link in an email (in Geary). That causes a mail composition window to come up that is showing all fields (though that option is not selected) and I cannot type in the body area, it's greyed out.

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