Re: [Geary] Fwd: Can’t type in body area

I cannot reproduce it even with two accounts. master~g802c6b90

Casey, which version of Geary are you running? And how did you install it, distro repository or flatpak or else?

Il giorno mer 3 gen 2018 alle 15:39, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> ha scritto:
Hi Casey

I experienced the same bug a couple of weeks ago, see:

However, I cannot reproduce it right now.
I wonder if it's because I've removed an account and I have only one now. Do you have one or more account set up in Geary?
I'll try again with two accounts.

Il giorno mer 3 gen 2018 alle 14:59, Casey Stone <tcstone caseystone com> ha scritto:

It happened again. I'm not using that Paper theme any more. It is happening repeatedly when I click on a mailto:xyz domain com link in an email (in Geary). That causes a mail composition window to come up that is showing all fields (though that option is not selected) and I cannot type in the body area, it's greyed out.


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