[Geary] [Feature request] Show cc'd emails differently from those which are directly addressed

Most often, when you're cc'd on an email, it's more of a "Just FYI" than "please read this and respond." The email charter suggests[1] limiting the number of cc's, to avoid wasting people's time.

Part of the reason this practice is so wasteful is that all email clients I know of give equal status to every email in the inbox[2]. I'd like to propose that Geary provide some distinction between the two.

I'm not sure what the best form would be. I could imagine a split inbox, automatically applying a tag/folder, or just a different visual styling (for example, displaying a 'cc' label or not showing a preview).

Finally, apologies in advance for not checking bugzilla first; I'm going to hide behind the flimsy excuse of being on mobile at the moment.


[1] http://www.emailcharter.org/#five-1
[2] Actually, AOL webmail splits read and unread mail into two inboxes, but that's orthogonal to this idea so my point still stands.

I try to write short, functional emails.

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