Re: [Geary] Dark background

Thanks Federico,

It's work as you describe (in the message view but not for the composer).

I managed to disactivate html composing (Before, I was changing the key in dconf org>yorba>geary which contains old config. Now I use org>gnome>geary and it is working) but it don't fix the issue with the composer's background color.


Le lun. 19 févr. 2018 à 14:16, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> a écrit :
Hi Petur

It's explained in the FAQ, under Customize message CSS:

Basically you need a file like the following:

$ cat ~/.config/geary/user-message.css
body {
 background-color: grey;

// This is supposed to work for the composer, but does not work.
// I still see white background.
.plain {
 background-color: grey;

You should play with `geary -i` and use the inspector to find anything you might need to customize. As you can see in the comment, the composer is still showing white background.

I agree that the white background in dark themes is not a good idea.

Hope it helps

Il giorno lun 19 feb 2018 alle 12:20, Pétùr <peturvilj gmail com> ha scritto:

Geary is to bright for me.

I would like to change the background color of the message writing panel for something darker.

Some themes change the background of the folder list panel and the messages list panel. But the more important for me is to change the message writing panel (because it is where my eyes spend the most time).

I am aware this is probably because email are written in html in Geary and this set the white color for background. But I deactivate the option "compose as html" in dconf-editor ; with no effect (I still have the makeup buttons ; it seems this option triggers nothing).

What is the proper way to change background for message writing?

P-S : I am using Xfce with the arc-darker theme. I would prefer a solution which does not involves themes changing (and apply only to geary ).

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