Re: [Geary] "Always watch for new mail" preference: better alternatives?

Sorry I'm so late to this discussion. Replies inline.
 Preference: "Notify of new mail in the background"
 Tooltip: "Geary will remain running even when the main window is

FWIW, Polari, the gnome irc client, uses "Run in Background" as the name of the option and puts it in the system drop-down menu (although I don't suggest we do the latter; Polari only has this one setting, so it makes sense there).

I'm pretty sure when this is enabled, Polari does start on boot, although there is no tooltip to this effect, so I don't think we should be concerned about confusion here, *particularly* if we add a tooltip with additional explanation.

 For me the purpose of "always watch for new mail" was downloading
 messages while I was doing something else, so when I opened Geary I
 didn't have to wait for the sync and I could start reading right

This is the same reason why I keep the setting enabled, and I don't really see a case for when I would want geary to run in the background but not autostart.

 to prevent that confusion it's probably
best to not mention notifications in the run-in-the-background pref at
 all, despite it being a useful side-effect.

I have a suggestion here: When notifications are enabled but running in the background is not, display a warning below the background preference (or an exclamation point next to it with a warning mouseover), "You will need to leave geary open in order to recieve notifications."

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