Re: [Geary] file where program preferences are saved?

BTW, the impression is confirmed.
I see that after closing Geary, the process stays active, even if "always watch for new mail" is unchecked.

In fact geary is called without arguments:

$ ps aux | grep geary
fede 6646 24.7 3.3 3507672 273676 tty2 SLl+ 13:44 0:08 geary

I'm running a self-compiled version on Fedora:

$ geary --version
geary master~g5ab6f42

Il giorno mer 31 mag 2017 alle 12:51, Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> ha scritto:
Hi all

I know that the settings files are organized this way:

- ~/.config/geary contains the .ini files which define the email settings for each account - ~/.local/share/geary contains database and attachments for each account

What about the settings defined in the Preferences (which are valid for every account)?
There's a file somewhere where these settings are stored?

I'm asking this question because I have the impression that on my desktop computer Geary is always checking for new mail, even if the relevant preference is not checked.

Thanks in advance

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