Re: [Geary] Other Account


I have not had this issue.

This may be like asking "is it plugged in", but...
Did you make sure you entered all fields:

1. Service ("Other" selected)
2. Name
3. Nickname
4: Email address
5. Remember passwords (checked)

IMAP settings
6. Server
7. Port (default)
8. Username
9. Password
10. Encryption

SMTP settings
11. Server
12. Port (default)
13. Username - skip this if you check #16.
14. Password - skip this if you check #16.
15. Encryption

16: Use IMAP credentials (checked)

** Double check that you entered values for both #6 and #11.

--PJ Singh

On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 5:53 AM, Barry Gale <brylyn outlook com> wrote:
Great application but can't add Other Email Account even with all information. The Add button is blue but nothing happens after a click _______________________________________________ geary-list mailing list geary-list gnome org

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