Re: [Geary] Responding to conersation

Il giorno lun 17 lug 2017 alle 11:54, Constantinos Kardaras <langostas gmail com> ha scritto:
Dear Geary developers,

Thanks a lot for your email application - I really enjoy it and have been using it lately, as it integrates much better with gnome than, say, evolution. I hope you will continue the development (sadly, I do not see a lot of updates lately).

I noticed some weird behaviour when I press Ctrl-R (reply) in a conversation - it always responds to the sender of the latest email of the thread, even if another mail in the conversation is highlighted. I am not sure that this is the desired behaviour here... I would like to be able to respond to some sender in the middle of a conversation. (You can do this using the mouse - I am talking about using a keyboard shortcut here.)

There's an open issue for this feature:

You can subscribe to it and you will be notified of any progress.

A less important issue: can there be an option to not mark an unread email as read immediately when the focus is on it, but rather wait for a little while (2-3 seconds, for exa mple). I like this feature that evolution has.

No open issue for this, as far as I can see.
You might want to open a new one here:


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