Re: [Geary] Can't Close Account


first just to clarify - Geary is not an online service, so you do not
have an online account and nobody from the geary team can delete your
local account for you. I assume you followed a procedure similar to
the one described here ? If
that does not work (maybe for the last account?) you can delete your
account by going to ~/.config/geary (a folder in your home directory,
you might have to choose to show hidden folders to view it if you do
not use the command line) and delete either the whole /geary folder or
the relevant account folder in the /geary folder.
Hope that helps.

On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 2:52 AM,  <mdiemer myottmail com> wrote:
Hi, I wish to close my Geary Account. However, the <-> sign is grayed-out,
so I can't click on it. So, how can I close the account? If this is not
possible for me, can you do it? I would really appreciate it. I have
wasted at least an hour trying to do it.

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