Re: [Geary] Feature request: Browse mail by contact panel (second try)

Hey Gunwald,

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 9:24 AM, Gunwald Neuhausen <gunwald gmx de> wrote:
I would like to propose a new function to Geary, which – in my humble opinion – would solve the unsolved problem, how to browse through the
huge amount of mails many of us getting every day.
Nowadays almost every mail client offer a folder view to browse through
different mail accounts and their IMAP folders. With out any question
this is useful, but I think, their would be a better way to browse our
mail: To browse them by contact. There for I would propose to integrate
Geary with the evolution data server, to enable it to show instead of
the folder view a contact view.

This sounds like an interesting idea. We already would like to integrate Geary with EDS[0] so it can use contact information stored there. And I have been thinking lately that having a greatly improved contextual popovers for contacts[1] when e.g. clicking on they name+email in a message would be a great thing. Also, we're planning on revamping the accounts sidebar[2] in the release after next, so this is something that could be kept in mind. It could also serve as the address book[3], which is something that Geary needs.

As step21 mentioned, it wouldn't work well for unknown contacts, but I can see how it would be useful, especially for finding email from recently or frequently contacted people.

What does everyone think?


[0] - <>
[1] - <>
[2] - <>
[3] - <>

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