Re: [Geary] hidden geary

Il giorno dom 4 set 2016 alle 12:22, STREŽNIK <info preprosto com> ha scritto:
ned, 4. sep, 2016 ob 8:30 , je Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> napisal:
Ok, then maybe there's a network problem when it starts up?

I'll try catch some debug infos, when I'll detect this problem again. Thank you for all your help.

Can you find any useful information in the system logs?

If you are using systemd, maybe this could show something:

journalctl -b /usr/local/bin/geary

I'm on deepin (debian), i'm not sure if systemd is active, as this command shows -- No etries ---.

Try one of these commands:

 ps aux | grep systemd
 pstree -p

if you have systemd with job id 1, then your system is using systemd.

Did you check which is the full path to your geary executable?

 which geary
 journalctl -b <the output of above command>

However, I don't think that you'll see anything relevant in systemd logs, because by default Geary does not run in debug mode. I can't remember how to enable it by default.. perhaps manually changing the .desktop files?

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