Re: [Geary] hidden geary

Ok, then maybe there's a network problem when it starts up?
Can you find any useful information in the system logs?

If you are using systemd, maybe this could show something:

journalctl -b /usr/local/bin/geary

Please reply to all, as you'll need the help of the list.

Il giorno dom 4 set 2016 alle 8:02, STREŽNIK <info preprosto com> ha scritto:
"Always check for new mail" is now unchecked. So i'm starting geary with shortcut on the desktop. And more or less is ok, but if this option is checked, after reboot of the computer that circle indicator is running forever, it feels like some sort of freeze.

sob, 3. sep, 2016 ob 11:06 , je Federico Bruni <fede inventati org> napisal:
Il giorno ven 2 set 2016 alle 8:04, STREŽNIK <info preprosto com> ha scritto:
I'm using geary from git, latest. But I have strange problem. I'm starting geary at reboot and everytime is circle indicator rolling forever. But If I stop geary and run it from console it starts every time.

I'm on deepin, it's based on the debian. And to be little harder, this is not happening everytime, but when it starts it not stop until i run it from console or from shortcut on the desktop (just geary command).

I hope you understand what is the problem.

What do you mean with "starting geary at reboot"?
The option "Always check for new mail" is checked or not? If it is, I'd try to uncheck it and run 'geary -d' the first time from the terminal.

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