Re: [Geary] Wrong window component propotion when geary is in autostart

Il giorno ven 28 ott 2016 alle 21:44, frederik <frederik feichtmeier gmail com> ha scritto:
So with the option "always check for new emails" my geary starts automatically in ubuntu unity 16.04. But the initial placement or arrangement of all elements in the window seems very wrong to me.

I can attach a picture if this bug is new for you.

A picture would help to understand what you mean exactly.

In Fedora/Gnome, if you enable "always check..", the main menu on top left (if you click on Geary) disappears. I think that it's been discussed in this list but can't find it in the archives. The search in geary-list archives searches in all gnome mailing list, so I googled this:


Anyway, perhaps this is the bug you found?

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