Re: [Geary] Heads up: GTK widget conversion branch landed

Hi Mike,

On Fr, Okt 7, 2016 at 4:16 , Michael Gratton <mike vee net> wrote:
Ah, that's interesting. What theme are you using? I'm using a gross hack to fish out the dim-label colour from the theme using a named colour, which works under Adwaita. If your theme doesn't export the usual GTK theme colours, then that may not work however.

Also, what version of GTK do you have installed? I haven't tested this too much on anything below 3.20 yet.

You are right. I am using GTK+ 3.22 with the quite popular Arc theme [1]. Should this be reported upstream to the Arc theme? I am not very used the GTK theming, but the Adwaita .dim-label class [2] looks very similar to Arc .dim-label class [3].

I temporarily tried switching to Adwaita theme before reporting and did not recognize a difference, but that was apparently because I did not re-open the conversation. It's a bit confusing that changing the theme has no influence on the color of the e-mail address in the conversation view, but on everything else (you can see that easily when switching between a light and a dark theme).

That's also good to know. I've been developing this on on a HiDPI screen with scaling set to 2, and fonts at 1. It's actually designed to be top-aligned, so the message body preview (when collapsed) and subject lines (when expanded) can fit below it.

I didn't notice this because my screen is too large and the body preview is cut. [4] So basically using a longer body preview should solve this issue.

What does a complete collapsed message box look like for you? I'd be interested to know how the avatar lines up with the from and body preview as well as the star and message menu buttons.

Just another thing I noticed while preparing the screenshot: It's not possible to collapse the latest message. Now that I mention it, I am not sure if this was the case before, but it's nonetheless a bit confusing that you can do it with every message but the latest.

Not at the moment as far as I know of. :< I need to get moving on the WebKit2 port as a priority, but can help out if you're volunteering to work on it. /:)

Not now, but in case nobody did this until then, I guess I will be volunteering sometime around early next year, maybe even earlier. I am involved into too many projects right now :)

I don't know if this was reported as a bug, but it seems that Geary sometimes bugs when parsing cascaded multipart messages (this is related to PGP because this sometimes happens when sending PGP/MIME over a mailing list that adds a footer via multipart).


[2] [3]

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