Re: [Geary] Workaround for GLib.Converter.convert compile error

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 10:57 PM, Michael Hill <mdhillca gmail com> wrote:
I don't have that problem here. Can you reproduce it yourself? If so, how
 are you building it?

I'm trying to build in place from git on Fedora Rawhide. I got the
error, then upgraded Glib, then got the error again.

Okay, this seems to be a problem with the Vala VAPI bindings. It was broken in Git on 2015-11-22 and fixed on 2016-02-08, so you'll want a version of Vala/VAPI released after that to fix the problem.

As a workaround, find the file named "gio-2.0.vapi" on your system that is being used when compiling Geary, find the line in that file that that starts with "public abstract GLib.ConverterResult convert", and change the text on that line that is "uint8[]? inbuf" to "uint8[] inbuf" - i.e. remove the question mark.


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