Re: [Geary] Workaround to display inline images that have a Content-Id ending with '.'

Geary uses GMime which from my point of view has a bug. When a mime
is processed where the Content-Id ends with a '.', this period gets
truncated when GMime.part.get_content_id(...) is called.

In Geary this leds to inline images with such a Content-Id not being

I wrote a patch that adds a workaround to Geary and opened a bug report
for GMime.

Hi Ralph, 

It's my understanding that geary's development has been stalled for some time, ever since Yorba went under. 
There hadn't been a significant commit since last June (though there have been many merged translation 
updates). Someone might merge your PR, I just don't know (and, don't want to give the impression that I do 

I do know there's a geary fork, pantheon mail, being actively developed by the elementaryOS team over on 
launchpad, where you might also be interested in submitting a PR.

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