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To fix the bug, validate the translated string and use the English one if necessary.

I think this should always be done when translations have the potential to crash the application, particularly in complex cases like this.

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El 01/06/2016 08:52, "Baurzhan Muftakhidinov" <baurthefirst gmail com> escribió:

Mark those messages as fuzzy, and then ask translators to revisit them,


On Wed, Jun 1, 2016 at 11:47 AM, Michael Gratton <mike vee net> wrote:
> Hi gnome-i18n,
> Recently in Geary a search feature was added where people could write a
> searches such as "is:unread" and have it find all unread messages, also
> "is:read" and "is:starred". This is implemented by parsing the string
> separately, i.e. "is:read" is parsed as two separate strings, "is" and
> "read". Obviously these strings were marked for translation in the code so
> people can use their preferred language, but unfortunately we did not add
> any comments about the requirements for these (they should ideally be short,
> and must be a single word, or use '_' or '-' to separate words) and so a
> number were translated as plain phrases instead.
> I have gone back and added comments for each string so it is hopefully more
> clear what the translation requirements are, but what's the best approach to
> get these problematic strings fixed? Should I replace them with empty
> strings in the PO files in the git repo so they appear untranslated or
> should I just ask the translation teams to revisit them?
> The strings affected are those from both the master and geary-0.11 branches,
> in the UI source file "imap-db-account.vala" and ideally should also be
> translated in the User Guide file "" so that people know what the
> correct syntax is.
> Since this is related to a crasher bug, I'd like to release 0.11.1 sometime
> next week, so it would be great to have the geary-0.11 branch updated before
> then at least.
> //Mike
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