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Hi everyone,

As Wikipedia refuses to source articles from Wikipedia talk pages, I
needed a third party to host these sources. After discussion on IRC with
Wikipedia admins, the best bet was to put the info here, on this mailing
list and source the article back to Wikipedia.

Hope this won't be an issue neither for Gnome nor Geary or old Yorba


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Subject:        Re: Yorba status
Date:   Mon, 16 Nov 2015 21:48:46 -0500
From:   Adam Dingle <adam medovina org>
To:     William Gathoye <william gathoye be>
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thanks for your message.  It's true: Yorba is no longer active.  Jim
Nelson was the last Yorba employee and left at around the end of April
of this year.  Quite simply our funding ran out, and donations to Yorba
were not nearly enough to match expenses.  The tax exemption denial
didn't help, but even if we had received 501(c)3 status we would still
probably have had to shut down.  The tough truth is that it's hard to be
financially sustainable in the free software world, and Yorba never
really found a way to do that.  I was Yorba's first executive director
and Jim was the second, and we have now both moved on to other things.

I'm still proud of Yorba's accomplishments, most notably Geary and
Shotwell.  I'm glad you liked the work we were doing.  I'd be happy to
answer any other questions about Yorba.  cheers -


On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 5:24 PM, William Gathoye <william gathoye be> wrote:
Dear Mr Dingle, Mr Nelson

Some Wikipedians were concerned[1] about the message that has been put on
October 25th 2015, on Yorba main webpage [2].

Since I'm the "maintainer" of the Wikipedia page, I wanted to know what is the
current status of the foundation. Is Yorba still active? If not, why did you
close the foundation? Lack of business model, not being eligible to tax
exemption and failed crowdfunding?

We are eager to hearing news back from you, hoping the worst case hasn't
happened, because Yorba was doing good job IMHO.


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Yorba_Foundation
[2] http://yorba.org/

William Gathoye
<william gathoye be>

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