Re: [Geary] Always show remote images

Hi Mirko,

This has been discussed before on our mailing list (See ). Note that our bug tracker is on and that there's also a bug concerning this: Over there, you will see that this has not been implemented.

That being said, I agree with Michael's reply on the mailing list that this would be a *very* insecure feature. Personally, I think we should never implement this. Even Thunderbird which was mentioned in the bug hides the preference away in an obscure setting and discourages it firmly (source:

Hopefully, this reply satisfies your question.

Kind regards, Niels De Graef

Op zo 4 dec 2016 om 12:03 schreef mirko <mirko lavalle78 gmail com>:
i started to use geary as mail client. It is very good client: so simple and wonderful interface.
Reading some old posts about the possibility to always show remote images (, it seems option has just been added, but i can not see it in the "preference" menu.

I'm using version: 0.10.0-1ubuntu1.

What can i do to avoid pressing button "show images" each time i open new mail?

Thanks in advance


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