Re: [Geary] Geary (0.11.1) compose window bug?

Hey Khurshid,

On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 8:49 PM, Khurshid Alam <khurshid alam linuxmail org> wrote:

A) I am using Geary-0.11.1 from ppa in Ubuntu 16.04. I am experiencing weird compose window bug.

I think you just won the "Oddest bug of the month" competition. :)

A couple of questions: Is Geary already running when this happens? Does it still happen if you wait 10-20 seconds between re-leaunching Geary? Finally, do you have "Always watch for new mail" checked in Preferences?

This is definitely a bug, feel free to file the info above in the bug tracker: <>

B) Is there any I can always open compose window in detached mode? I type lots of email and detach mode gives a nice distraction free window.

Not at the moment. Would the enhancement covered by Bug 714895 <> work for you?


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