[Geary] Geary (0.11.1) compose window bug?



I am using Geary-0.11.1 from ppa in Ubuntu 16.04. I am experiencing weird compose window bug.

How to reproduce:

1. Click "Compose Message" from unity launcher which basically runs "geary mailto:"

2. Close geary without deleting draft. 

3. Click ""Compose Message" again from Unity launcher.

At this point geary opens the unsaved draft but toolbar seems messed up. And it duplicates detach window button (?) Does it open a second draft beside the old one ?

Sceenshot (gif): http://i.imgur.com/WRYxhtl.gif

Not sure why is this happening. If I delete th draft and then run "geary mailto", then it works without problem.

B) Is there any I can always open compose window in detached mode? I type lots of email and detach mode gives a nice distraction free window.


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