Re: [Geary] Freeze few seconds when open settings

Hey Pétur,

On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 7:50 PM, Pétur Viljamson <peturvilj gmail com> wrote:
Each time I use the settings wheel top open account settings, software settings or even the geary "about" window, Geary freezes for few seconds. During the freeze, I have a high CPU usage and I cannot change windows or software. I also have some graphical problems (blinking mouse, window half-loaded).

This sounds it could be Bug 759980: <>, especially since you're on XCFE.

There's a patch attached to that bug that has already been committed to master, but from memory I can't include it officially in 0.11 since it is a UX change and may require a more recent version of GTK+ than 0.11 supports.

The patch should still apply cleanly to 0.11.x however and if you're on Sid then your version of GTK+ will be modern enough, so it may well fix the issue for you.


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