Re: [Geary] Any plans to enable a *default* alias per account?


More a hack than an intended feature, but you can change the default address by changing the folder name in ~/.local/share/geary while geary is closed (make sure it is actually closed by killing the process). It should not break anything, you might be required to enter your password again though.


On Mo, Aug 8, 2016 at 6:18 , nhr zig mx wrote:
Hi there--
Just rediscovered Geary and am super impressed with the latest updates. I'm really glad to see that there is "life after Yorba" for this project!

Following on the conversation that started with this e-mail:

I have aliases configured for my Gmail-backed accounts, which is great. And I also noticed that when I reply to e-mail that was addressed to my alias, the reply also comes from my alias. So far, so good!

The big question, though, is this - is there any way to tell Geary that I *always* want e-mail to originate from the alias, and not from the Gmail address? This would be great because I'm sure I will forget to change it in Geary every time I want to start a new e-mail thread. Is there a hidden flag I can set for this, or should I put in a feature request?


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