Re: [Geary] Windows problem with last git update

Le mar. 17 mars 2015 à 18:00, Robert Schroll <rschroll gmail com> a écrit :
When you say it's impossible to resize, do you mean that you can't get resize handles at the edges of the window, or that the window refuses to shrink in size. If it's the latter, is there a particular widget that seems to be too large and is blocking resizing? Do you know where you were before updating to the current master? If you can find a known good version, git bisect is a great way to track down the cause of the problem.

I update geary time to time with git pull and compile. I did this today and Geary open now with a huge window (I see only half of it). The central panel with emails (not body) takes plenty of space for no reason. I can resize vertically Geary window but not horizontally (but I can resize panels which doesn't resize the windows). So I can't anymore see Geary window entirely (see screenshot attached)

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