[Geary] Geary Behavior

I am a new user to Geary. I like the way it's set up, but a couple of odd behaviors have me wondering.

I'm using Geary .10. I have 5 accounts set-up, Gmail plus four "others." The Gmail account and two of the others are showing a number of unread messages, but none of the messages. Gmail shows 28 unread messages, yet if I go to the gmail.com reader, no messages are shown as unread. One of the "other" accounts shows 14 unread messages, and if I go to that servers webmail account there are 14 messages shown as unread but none of them appear in Geary.

Also I'm wondering in there is a way to "refresh" the display and force Geary to reload messages. I'm thinking that might help clear up some of the confusion.

Just wondering....


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