Re: [Geary] Trusting Server issues

30.09.2014, 14:51, "Jim Nelson" <jim yorba org>:
It sounds like you're having a similar issue as reported at
It does indeed look like the same bug.  Do you want me to add something to that bug?
Unfortunately, I don't know at this point what the root issue is.  Geary uses gcr-3 to pin certificates (store them as trusted).  The error you're reporting is coming from gcr-3.  It probably indicates an issue with the backing.
This is grc-3 on my system: local/gcr 3.12.2-1
    A library for bits of crypto UI and parsing
When you say you're using geary-keyring but only for Geary, how did you install it?  What distro are you using?

-- Jim

gnome-keyring: I meant that I only installed gnome-keyring to use with Geary, as the package script written for it in the AUR (Archlinux User Repository) lists gnome-keyring as a dependency.
And my version of Geary:
 % pacQi geary-devel
Name           : geary-devel
Version        : 0.8.0-2
Architecture   : x86_64
Provides       : geary
Depends On     : gnome-keyring  gmime  libcanberra  libgee  libnotify  webkitgtk
 I'm happy to try either build directly from source using a different version or a patch...not sure which would help, though..
I also tried to add the parameters novalidate-cert to some of the email accounts mail server address in the geary.ito see if that helps; and geary seems to stop asking me to validate those certs bu continues to cycle through other accounts on same server and asking to validate those, with same 'pinning problem' as before.  Will test some more tomorrow.

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