Re: [Geary] Trusting Server issues

It sounds like you're having a similar issue as reported at

Unfortunately, I don't know at this point what the root issue is.  Geary uses gcr-3 to pin certificates (store them as trusted).  The error you're reporting is coming from gcr-3.  It probably indicates an issue with the backing.

When you say you're using geary-keyring but only for Geary, how did you install it?  What distro are you using?

-- Jim

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 9:56 AM, stef204 <stef204 yandex com> wrote:
Hi, Running geary 0.8.0 on Linux X86_64. I am getting (the usual/normal) message: "The identity of the IMAP mail server at could not be verified" (server uses a self-signed cert.) However, when I click either of the options: a) Always trust this server or b) Trust this server; I get the following: "unable to store server trust exception; couldn't find a place to store the pinned certificate." Is this a permissions problem? Where would Geary usually store these exceptions? (I am using gnome-keyring, if that is relevant but only for Geary.) Thanks. _______________________________________________ geary-list mailing list geary-list gnome org

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