Re: [Geary] Spell checking languages

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 4:44 AM, Leonardo Robol <leo robol it> wrote:
I was wondering if I could configure spell checking languages and I couldn't find an option to do so. I often write in Italian (my mother tongue) and in English, and so I like to have both languages available in the spell checker.


Do you think that this might be a good addition to Geary?
I am attaching the patch so you can try it out.

This has been requested before, so there's definitely a desire for it: Probably the best thing to do is to attach this patch to that bug, to make it harder for us to forget it.

A quick glance over the patch is encouraging -- I had thought this would be a lot more work. How does WebKit handle multiple languages? Is there an option for you to choose which to use, or does it just mark as misspelled words that appear in none of your languages?


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