[Geary] Spell checking languages

Hi all,
I just tried Geary 0.8.0 and it's really becoming a great email client!

I was wondering if I could configure spell checking languages and I couldn't find an option to do so. I often write in Italian (my mother tongue) and in English, and so I like to have both languages available in the spell checker. 

I put together a very small patch that works for me using the spell-checking-languages property in Webkit. It is very crude, since I just added an entry in the preferences that must be filled with text like "it_IT, en_US" (in my example) since that is what Webkit expects to receive. But if you think that a more refined solution would be ok for inclusion, I might work on it (like adding a combobox, more dialogs, probably need multiple selection, ...). 

I am not sure of the plans that you have in this area (if any) so I didn't put more effort in this. Moreover, I am not practical with Geary UI guidelines (and not really a designer or UX expert, also!).  

Do you think that this might be a good addition to Geary?
I am attaching the patch so you can try it out. 

Thanks again for the great work,
Best regards,

Leonardo <leo robol it>

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