Re: [Geary] default tools and workflow for contributors

Since Geary's package requirements aren't bleeding-edge, I simply develop with gedit (with our Valencia plugin).  If I have to deal with a crasher I'll use gdb, but I know other debugging tools are available out there.  The choice of editor is pretty much up to each developer.  None of Yorba's apps requires a particular IDE.

If I do need to test or repro a bug with newer versions of GTK+, I'll use a VirtualBox VM first, if there's a distro image available, and then jhbuild.

More information about Valencia can be found at

-- Jim

On Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 6:28 AM, Simon Bernard <contact simonbernard eu> wrote:
Hi guys,
  I would like to know which tools did you use to develop Geary (and more generaly yorba software) ?
  I mean gedit(valencia), anjuta, val(a)Ide, gdb ?  Did you develop in a VM ? or/and with jhbuild ? 
  It could be nice to have a guideline page for new contributors with default tools and workflow.
  (I found nothing about that in contributors guide)

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