[Geary] Crash on empty spelling suggestions


I seems that geary crashes when I click on a word that is misspelled in the composer window but there is not suggestions available. 
I have tracked it down to the following line in the functionon_context_menu in the file composer-window.vala:
            WebKit.ContextMenuAction action = "">

That function in webkit looks like
GtkAction* webkit_context_menu_item_get_action(WebKitContextMenuItem* item)
    g_return_val_if_fail(WEBKIT_IS_CONTEXT_MENU_ITEM(item), 0);

    return item->priv->menuItem->gtkAction();

And from what I found it seems that item-> is non-null, so my guess is that menuItem is null for some reason. 

Now, I don't know vala and webkit well enough to know the root-cause and find an easy fix for this. Hopefully you guys can fix this in a heartbeat... 


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