Re: [Geary] Fuzzy text and images in viewer pane

WebKitGTK has this problem with Retina displays.  As I understand it, the next release will fix this.

-- Jim

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 12:44 PM, cortman <c0rtm4n gmail com> wrote:

I'm using Gear 0.6 (from the daily build PPA) and I really like the simplicity and speed of the program. I'm using it on a Macbook Pro Retina (11.1) running Linux Mint 17.
However, the text and images that appear in the message viewer pane are really fuzzy; almost out of focus. The text in the rest of the program (messages list, program buttons, etc.) is all beautifully sharp.

How can I fix this? If I can get it fixed Geary will be the perfect email program for me.
Thank you.


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