Re: [Geary] problem with search

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 9:53 AM, Frederic Parrenin <parrenin gmail com> wrote:
However, search does not work as I would expect it to work.
If I search for "bug" in geary on my gmail account, I find only 3 messages.
Some messages are obviously absent from the list.
If I do the same directly in gmail, I find tens of messages.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in geary?

Currently, Geary only searches mail in its database. By default, Geary will only download the last two weeks of mail for its database. (It doesn't remove mail from the database as it passes that mark, though.) You can adjust this setting through the Accounts dialog. So if you just started using Geary, I suspect the problem is that those other matching messages haven't been downloaded by Geary, and thus are unavailable for search.

Adding IMAP search is an open bug: In the meantime, you could set Geary to download all mail from the server (or for the last several years), so search returns all the messages it should.

Should I remove my geary database? (BTW, where is it stored?)

The database is stored at ~/.local/share/geary/<address>/geary.db. I don't think this is a database problem, but if you want to test that, you can rename this file, and Geary will rebuild it.


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