[Geary] New development snapshot: Geary 0.5.1

I've just pushed up a new development snapshot of our ongoing work on Geary, version 0.5.1, available at <https://download.gnome.org/sources/geary/0.5/geary-0.5.1.tar.xz>.

As Geary is on the GNOME version numbering scheme, this release and all others in the 0.5 branch are unstable snapshots on our way to the stable 0.6 release.  It won't show up in our stable PPA.

Among other work, this release includes the much awaited "save sent mail" feature.  Since we heard so many requests for this feature and it has the potential to affect so many people, we'd love help testing it out.  If you can pull from our daily build PPA (please wait a few hours until the final commit for this feature will have built), build from the 0.5.1 tarball, or simply pull the latest from git, and test out the new feature, we'd greatly appreciate it.

There is one caveat, however: Geary can only save sent mail when it can identify the Sent Mail folder, which it is currently bad at for some IMAP servers.  If your mail sits in the outbox with an error after being sent, and you see a debug log message like:

> Outbox postman: Error saving sent mail: Save sent mail enabled, but no sent mail folder

then you're hitting this issue, and we know about it.  That's on my plate next (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=713492).


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