[Geary] Updated keyboard shortcuts for archive/trash/delete

Geary aficionados,

We've just landed in master an update to how we handle archiving, trashing, and deleting messages.  You'll now see separate archive and trash/delete buttons, where those features are available.  It's not perfect yet -- we don't handle "other" IMAP servers perfectly, nor do we support delete skipping the trash from many gmail folders, but it's great to see progress on such a long-requested feature.

The reason I'm emailing is that in the process, our keyboard shortcuts got an update.  Previously in a gmail account, you could press A, Backspace, or Delete to archive a message.  Now, A is the only key to archive a message (although this is apparently broken in master; see bug #721789), and pressing Backspace or Delete will trash the message.  Shift+Backspace or Shift+Delete will delete the message outright.  So, if you used to use Backspace or Delete to archive messages, you'll want to start using A so you're not inadvertently trashing your email.


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