Re: [Geary] New to geary

Thanks for your report.  Can you tell us what version of Geary you're using?

On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 5:10 AM, sand box <mx sandbox gmail com> wrote:
First start : very easy to configure gmail accounts ; but as I had a huge inbox (over 2000 mails) geary ate a lot of my CPU filling his database. After that Geary took 25% of 2GB RAM.

By default, Geary should only pull in your last two weeks' worth of email, even if it's in your Inbox.  Did you change that value to something larger?  (It's in gear menu -> Accounts.)  Older versions of Geary had a considerable memory leak during import, which is why I asked what version you're using.

However there is two remaining problems. First, I can't write mails because space bar doesn't work (!!!). I'm wondering why because I don't have any problems with that in any other app and I thought it was just a GTK text entry area.

The composer doesn't use GtkEntry, it's a WebKit control (in other words, it's a web brower with "edit" turned on).  Is your native language something other than English?  We've had reports in the past of editing issues when WebKit is run under a non-English language.  I believe this is fixed in newer versions of WebKit.

Secondly, when I start Geary inbox prompt and just disappear. I have to switch to my second gmail account and back to see it again.

Could you describe this more fully?  I don't quite understand what you're seeing.

-- Jim

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