Re: [gdome]more memory leaks

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Tobias Peters wrote:
> $ mtrace ./test /tmp/mtrace
> Memory not freed:
> -----------------
>    Address     Size     Caller
> 0x08049ac8     0x14  at 0x4007044f
> 0x08049ae0     0x1e  at 0x400703f9
> 0x08049b08     0x34  at 0x400703f9
> 0x08049b40    0x400  at 0x400703f9
> 0x08049fa0     0x1c  at 0x400703f9

Correction: only the last one of these allocations seems to be a problem.
Only this last allocation of 28 bytes repeats when the document
creation/unrefing is repeated in a loop. The other allocations thus
seem to be one-time allocations and not memory leaks.


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