Re: [gdm-list] How to add command line options to Xserver?


It's not possible to edit the command line arguments at the moment.

Of course, GDM won't function in a well defined way if the X server
isn't started in a well defined way.   And at some point the future,
wayland could get thrown into the mix complicating things even more.

Generally if someone wants to modify the command line arguments, they
want to do that as a mechanism to solve a specific problem.  What
problem are you specifically trying to solve? For instance, if the
problem is "log verbosity isn't high enough" we can bump the log
verbosity (we did this infact recently in git in response to someone
asking about it).

As a short-term, "right now" solution, there's the shell script wrapper hack:

mv /usr/bin/Xorg /usr/bin/Xorg.binary
cat << EOF > /usr/bin/Xorg
exec /usr/bin/Xorg.binary "$@" -other-option-here
chmod +x /usr/bin/Xorg

The whole idea of server configuration is also closely tied with
support for multiple "seats", which we've looked into in the past but
haven't come up with anything landable yet.  See:


On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 8:52 AM, Bratticus Rabbitus
<bratticus rabbitus gmail com> wrote:
> Sirs,
> In the past there was the X-Gdm-XserverArgs key.  Now that this is gone what
> do you use to set command line arguments used by the X server?
> Searching for an answer found:
> << If anyone really needs to do this, there is a patch in the gdm srpm
> called plymoth.patch that changes the parameters. It's located on line
> 225. If you change that to what you need and recompile it, it should
> work. Not that I recommend this...
> Regards,
> Stephen Jamieson >>
> I find it impossible to believe that something as important as changing the
> X server command line arguments can only be achieved by patching the source
> code and recompiling gdm so where is the configuration and how do I set it?
> Thank you,
> B.
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