[gdm-list] Disable restart_shutdown_buttons on gdm3 loginscreen

Dear all

I only recently joined the gdm-list - if my question has already been answered somewhere, please accept my apologies.

I'm currently working on a customization of a Debian Squeeze installation for an upcoming rollout in an university.

One requirement is that the shutdown/restart buttons on the login screen are disabled.

Whatever I've derived from gdm and tested so far does not work with gdm3.

Under gdm, running gconf-editor as root, navigating to /apps/gdm/greeter-config, changing the value of "disable_restart_buttons" from false to true, right-clicking the entry and selecting "Set as default" will remove the shutdown/restart buttons on the login screen. I've successfully tested this Fedora15/gdm, DebianLenny/gdm and Ubuntu 11.04/gdm by changing this directy in gconf-editor and/or copying the %gconf settings file and copying it to the appropriate location.

However, Debian Squeeze comes with gdm3 and none of the above methods work. The included daemon.conf contains very little useful documentation and the pointer to /usr/share/gdm/gdm.schemas does not provide any further clues.

Does anybody have any experience with customizing gdm3?
Any hint would be very welcome.

Best regards

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