[gdm-list] Using gdmchooser as default gdm prompt but with the ability to shutdown local machine


I am trying to setup machines to display gdmchooser by default to be able to 
login to remote hosts. I am using debian lenny.

To do this i have added the following on the client conf file /etc/gdm/gdm.conf


Xdmcp servers are already set up and this works fine but the problem is that I 
want to be able to shutdown the local machine. Since gdmchooser is recycling 
after every logout from remote machines, so I cannot shutdown local machine 
from gdm.

Using standard gdm login prompt and going to actions menu to run gdmchooser is 
not a nice option for me since users are given a local login prompt as well.

I have tried also to change a gdm theme but login box cannot be removed. 

Is there a config option in gdm to disable login box, or show a local shutdown 
button in gdmchooser? 

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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