Re: [gdm-list] String additions to 'gdm.gnome-2-30'


On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 4:00 AM, Claude Paroz <claude 2xlibre net> wrote:
> Le mercredi 23 juin 2010 à 17:45 -0500, Brian Cameron a écrit :
>> Claude/i18n team:
>> This is regarding the outstanding GDM 2.30.3 release.
>> Just to follow up, is it possible to have someone from the i18n team
>> programmatically fix the msgid and msgstr strings to remove the
>> underscore (or the "(_K)" from msgstr for non-Latin languages) for
>> the following strings:
>>   + "Keyboard"
>>       + "Language"
>>       + "Session"
>> If so, that would be the best solution since it would allow us to spin
>> a stable release with this important fix?
>> Or do we really need to backout these string changes before we can do a
>> release?  Please advise since we would like to do a release as quickly
>> as we can.
> It might be possible for the first two, but as "Sessions" became
> "Session", it is *not* possible to automate a change for this plural
> change.
So I thought about this a bit.  If you think about it, the C
"translation" was wrong before.  It was always supposed to be singular
in English and wasn't.  I'm sure when some of the translators
translated it, they looked at the context it was being used and made
the word have the correct plurality in their translation.  I'm sure
some didn't.  The point is, the plurality of that word is orthogonal
to the other changes.  It probably needs to be fixed for some of the
translations, but that was true before Jon's commit and it's still
true now after.

I've done a follow up commit to fix thing up the underlines issue:

We (the maintainers of gdm) are sorry for the confusion and
inconvenience this caused, and will be more careful in the future.


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