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PulseAudio questions are better handled on PulseAudio forums.
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On 07/ 2/10 12:11 AM, Brad Brockmeier wrote:
Hello to whomever is reading this,
For the longest time, I have been using the Gnome Desktop Environment on my computers (specifically with Ubuntu), and I've been happy.  I've had some issues, but usually not the fault of Gnome or Ubuntu.  As of late, however, I've had nothing but problems with PulseAudio.  It just likes to break down every couple of days, even right in the middle of a session.  So, I want to formally ask, that you not force your users to use PulseAudio.
At least give us a choice in the matter when we install our OS.  I have not had problems with OSS, ALSA, or ESound.  At least then, those who don't have problems could decide to adopt PulseAudio, instead of everyone being forced to use it.
Thanks anyway.

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