Re: [gdm-list] how to use authentication feature of GDM in a screen saver

于 2010-4-9 19:46, Ray Strode 写道:

Yes, I noticed that. The problem is that session worker does not provides
any useful interfaces. It connects to session slave through a private bus
created by session slave, answers to the DBus signals emitted by session
slave. The greeter server is the only DBus object I can find which provides
the PAM authentication inerface I need although they are only provided
through a private bus.
Well the greeter server is basically just wrapping the GdmSession
interface in an interface available to the greeter (along with some
other stuff like session selection).  If you were going to down this
route, you'd probably want to use something like GdmSessionRelay
exposed over the session bus (or via a private connection accessible
from the session bus).

Of course, GDM doesn't know about the session bus, since it's started
after GDM starts the Xsession script.  You would probably need to
change GDM to start the session bus so that it knows about it.
Actually, that's probably a good idea anyway orthogonal to all of
this.  That means some distributions will need to be updated, though.

But stepping back a little... I'm not sure it's a good idea to do
things this way.

In that case, we want to integrate the GUI from gnome-screensaver with the PAM
implemenation from gdm.
Why?  Why not just keep screensaver doing what it already does for those cases?
On some platform, for example, OpenSolaris, PAM backend should be run in root. We expect to find such a program which can authenticate via PAM for gnome-screensaver. gdm-session-worker seems to be a good program helps to do that.

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