[gdm-list] Password-less login, last take

Hi all!

I'd like to wake up the old story of password-less logins, and hopefully
fix it quickly, since all the required parts are here now. I've created
a patch for the gnome-system-tools that will add the user to a specific
group if the option "Don't check for password on login" is ticked.

Now we only need to GDM to ship with default PAM configuration files
that use that feature so that distributors can easily enable it.
Unfortunately, these files are customized most of the time, so they will
have to adapt their versions before that works. (The 'nopasslogin' group
will have to be created by downstream before the feature is enabled,
anyway.) But modifying the default file is still useful, at least for

Could you review that one-line change, since I'm not really familiar
with PAM, which is a crucial part of the system's security?

Patch is here:

And the bug is:


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