[gdm-list] GDM 2.24 design defect for supporting multiple sessions

I'm currently testing GDM-2.24 as the XDMCP server and found one design
defect for supporting multiple sessions concurrently.

I noticed that each "gdm-simple-slave" starts a gnome-session for the
greeter as "gdm" user.  I understand the benefit of using gnome-session
for the greeter, but it will cause problems if there are multiple
"gdm-simple-slave"s running.  

As every greeter sessions is started as the same user ("gdm"), any
changes in one session will affect to the others. 

Does anyone have more insight on this?  Has design been changed in
2.26 ?   

Jason Kim, Software Developer
709 11 AVE SW
Calgary AB T2R 0E3
Tel: 403-289-2177   EXT: 210
     866-USERFUL (873-7385)
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