Re: [gdm-list] GDM status.

>> Sorry, I didn't see earlier discussion.
>> Does the first possibility need user to specify command line,
>> e.g. "/usr/bin/gnome-session --failsafe"?
> So the conclusion earlier I think was that no one actually uses
> failsafe as a failsafe session, but instead use it as "get a terminal
> up fast" method.

I missed the earlier discussion as well, but I wanted to chime in that
I use the failsafe feature on a regular basis (and would think that
many others do as well) specifically for failsafe reasons (not for a
quick terminal).  Users will often hack up there startup scripts and
bugger something up so that they get booted out of the X session each
time they try to login.  Failsafe is currently (as far as I know) the
only way to fix these without having to drop to a text login.  Most of
our users don't know how to drop to a text login so the failsafe
feature is actually the only obvious way for them to get in and fix
something like this.  I personally think having failsafe is an
extremely nice and useful feature.  I figure that since I fall into
the "no one" crowd, I should voice my concern for the group as a



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