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This bug seems to have been introduced as a part of the effort to
convert away from using vicious-extensions and instead using glib
Gkey functionality.

Does it work better if you update your theme *xml file as follows:

<listitem id="group/foo">

instead of just saying "foo".  I think this will cause the file to be
created with the specified group name.

It is probably bad that the format of this file has changed with GDM
2.20.  If someone wanted to write a better patch to get GDM to avoid
needing to put the group name in the file, I would accept that.
However, it would probably be complicated to go back to using
vicious-extensions at this point.


I have been using GDM custom widgetry as documented in your web documentation located at the following URL: It was working fine in earlier versions of gdm but when I upgraded to gdm 2.20 then it stopped working. The following error messages appeared in the system log files:

Feb 21 17:56:39 pippin gdmgreeter[6969]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_to_data: assertion `key_file != NULL' failed Feb 21 17:56:39 pippin gdmgreeter[6969]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_file_set_contents: assertion `contents != NULL || length == 0' failed Feb 21 17:56:39 pippin gdmgreeter[6969]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_free:assertion `key_file != NULL' failed

I looked at the source code and it looks like the format for the output file (<ServAuthDir><display>.GreeterInfo) has changed to .ini-like config file. I added a group header to the output file and the error messages in the log file went away but the value of the variable value pair does not change when new items are selected. Presumably this is because I have not specified the proper group name. What I would like to know is how to specify the group name under this new methodology? If I can get this information I would be glad to update the documentation and submit it to the documentation people so that other users will not be puzzled by this change.

Michael Rayment
Department of Computer Science
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