Re: [gdm-list] GLib-CRITICAL error after upgrading to Gnome 2.20...

On Tue, 27 Nov 2007 10:49:28 -0600
Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun COM> wrote:

> Bjørn:
> >> On Tue, 2007-11-27 at 08:02 +0100, Bjørn T Johansen wrote:
> >>> On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 18:35:49 +0100
> >>> Bjørn T Johansen <btj havleik no> wrote:
> >>>
> >>>> I get a lot of these error messages after I upgraded to Gnome 2.20... (when starting gdm)
> >>>>
> >>>> gdm[9455]: GLib-CRITICAL: g_key_file_get_keys: assertion `key_file != NULL' failed
> This probably means taht GDM is having trouble reading the GDM
> configuration files.
> >>>> Is there a way to fix this? It seems to be working ok but when starting GDM, it takes 10 sec. to print all
> >>>> the error lines before gdm starts...
> >> I suspect gdm config file is probably busted.
> > 
> > How do I fix the gdm config file? Just delete it or should I find a clean config file somewhere?
> You should be able to run these commands to find out which files GDM is 
> using for its defaults and custom configuration files:
> Defaults file:
>     gdmflexiserver --command="GET_CONFIG_FILE"
> Custom file:
>     gdmflexiserver --command="GET_CUSTOM_CONFIG_FILE"
> Do both files exist?  The defaults file should contain reasonable
> default values for most keys.  The custom file can be empty, or just a
> template without any keys actually defined.
> You might try moving aside your custom configuration file to a different 
> name and create an empty custom file with the same name.  If this fixes
> the problem.  Then you might want to simply run gdmsetup and reconfigure
> GDM as you want rather than trying to track down the specific problem in
> how the custom configuration file got corrupted.
> Brian

Thx, this pushed me in the right direction... I removed /usr/share/gdm/default.conf and reinstalled gdm, and it
was solved... :)


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